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Subject: KPZ: We are BLOGGERS!!  WEE FAMILEEEE   Fathers Sons Mothers daughters

Dear De Souza Families  with  extensions  around the Globe  the GG global Goans Par excellence.. 


WEE folks have FAMILY that are vivle audible sensible sensual sexual social sensational!  As Frank Sinatra sang in HIGH SOCIETY.. Grace Kelly 


That's ALL!!   You’re Sensational! 

1957 as she left Hollywood to begin life in Monaco   I was l 15 years old - mesmerized by her Pictures in magazines some found in the Library  where Mrs Gabru Mother of Sonny and Anette  took delight in welcoming me. course   LEENA ILA Patel Home on the Floor above the Machado. Home   That Stairway to Sheer Joy was my weekly thrill as Leena did not have either Mom or Dad present but on her Grandma   He amazing Mom Sardaben Patel Mother of 4 had gone to India to study Law...! top of the SLIDE is    our communal Birthday Girl first in a Patriachal family that had only grandsons!


She is named for her Maternal Grandpa his Name if Victor and she is "A Victoria " in front of her is Our Youngest Newest Addition/Edition  2016  

Her Mom a Photojournalist on the East Coast. sent us a Selfie with Prince William and Princess Katherine yards away -same room in Boston - there for Reuters that night I think but she is Freelance.


Beside her far right - is Our Son Number 3 born in Mombasa- We have Five Sons - He is the only one to return to East Africa with a Team of Teachers sent from the Oldest Private Prep school in the Northeast - to assist and collaborate with AGA KHAN schools East Africa and Pakistan1996-2000.  Aga Khan sent his two sons to that School in the USA.   The King of Jordan was also sent as a student to Deerfield where another son did ARTS Summer Camp - It is 15 minutes ride from here.  Uhuru Kenyatta came Here to Amherst.  So I am surrounded with ACADEMIA - It is more powerful than Pandemia - Endemia. - may explain my bouts with AnEmia. Syb Hemia diagnosed me with when I was13? 14.. "Girl you are very AENemic" well now I am with the Academic Social system.


The son in this Photo  is the Only ONE of OUR SIX (Cardozo children)   to visit Zanzibar  - He met Wolfango who took him to some sites, and also visited my Dorn Room in the Mary Stuart Hall Makerere where I stayed 1959-64  when not at Home in Vuga in Zanzibar. He also was shown where we/he his three older siblings Bosco and I - lived in Nyali Mombasa just before we left for Good and Good it has been..


He Insisted - I give him my Miss Zanzibar Picture to Hang in his Living Room.  They said maybe that was their Aunty Karen- our daughter my look alike. She disagrees heartily - One of those (millions?)  who is not thrilled to hear those words?


"You Remind me of Your Mom”! O No I started off to be NOTHING LIKE MOM1 Just like my MOM in that aspect respect! She is a Singer songwriter/ Professor Administrator takes all her student’s and colleagues and I daresay   Her MOM - no possibilities no President of any place anywhere dreamed off.


You saw her and Tim our eldest at the Funeral of Rev Sister Zita in the Historic EALING CATHEDRAL  Ealing was also Home to Yolanda Dourado! 


Our son in this Picture (far right) now past 50 years old was just 5 years old when we left Mombasa after Five years of married life. His schooling 1-12 was in our First Home in America. Five years in St Mary   Catholic Convent School then The One and Only Public High School where he was chosen Graduation Speaker when he was 11 years old - and again at the end of High School   His Topic? Self-Discipline.  No Mom and Dad chasing after " No way Jose!"  He and his free from Birth wife gave their American Born son The MIDDLE Name Hazelton!!  after his Paternal Mother So Big sis on the top Middle name indicates HER Maternal 


Finally Dear Benito I wanted to tell you that ... my eldest Grandson - now 27   gave me on that 79th Birthday (Picture Posted yesterday) a BLOG entitled theBOOK of HAZEL as a "gift"   I have been posting stuff there -- no one sees or reads!!  If I see him, he tells me what I can do with it.

I may see him over Christmas, but he is now a Busy Teacher far away!  I will ask if You can be added if you would like to see and maybe open it out to whoever? wherever?  




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